I did upload a link for this chapter, didn’t I? It’s up, if I didn’t. I’ll check the archives tomorrow, but I’m pretty sure I did. Anyway, go check it out if you haven’t already!

1:15 am isn’t that late is it? I’m going for it. JK, I’m gonna reread my most recent chapter, then sleep…sigh. BUT RUMPLE!!!!!

UghhhI need to watch anotoher one after that but it’s 12;30 am and I have school tomorrow and my internet is being dumb anyway but R U M P L E. Oh, choices, choices.

I know so much about conning because of Lost and Anastasia!

monroe-militia replied to your post“SNOW IS PREGGERS WOO.”
I read this post and the first thing I thought of for some reason was President Snow from the Hunger Games and I was like what do you mean he’s pregnant? No, he isn’t. And I had a little mini-heart attack for some reason
I can’t begin to describe how happy this made me bahahahaha.